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Digita Oil Press

95A Digital oil press
Size: 2270*1100*1950 and 1170*660*760mm
Power: 7.5+1.1kw
CAPACITY: 150kg/h
Product Produce:
This model is assambled more sensors for controling the whole working process automatically.

New technicity for oil press and biodiesel oil press !
It's one small oil mill, which could extract vegetable oil from more oilseeds, such as soybean, rapeseeds, peanut, coconut, sesame, etc.
And now it is used for biodiesel oil machine in Europe and North America.
It has multiple functions, including to:
1. Screw oil press
2. Automatic conveyor
3. Electrical element for heating chamber
4. Vacuum filter for clearing oil.
5. All working process are controled by the sensors.
6. Automatical Elevator
Automatically conveying and feeding the materials, if without materials in the hopper for 1 min, the presser would stop.
Automatically control the filting oil, it could automatically exchanging the drums one by one; If one drum is full it would change the other drum and automaticall put out the oil out of the drum.
Matching the clearing dregs part with sensor, it could automatically clear the dregs in the drums, t he clearing part is slowly working, to make the dregs isn't stay firmly, so the filting speed would rise more times.
Matching the heating system for automatically heating the chamber for the temperature required as its normal working.
Before pressing, some parts of the press such as the press chamber, press screw and press ring will be pre-heated.

Only one machine the user could get the better edible oil. Also is with the simple operation and maintance!

DP95A oil press
Capacity 150kg/h for oilseeds;
Power 7. 5kw/presser+1. 1kw/pump;
Weight 780kg;
Size 2270*1100*1950 and 1170*660*760mm

DP120Aoil press
Capacity 250kg/h for oilseeds;
Power 11kw+1. 5kw;
Weight 980kg;
Size 2300*1760*1950 mm.

Note: The other data
Residue oil of cake <7%;
Operator: One;
Rate of output oil: 35-50% (for peanut/rapeseeds)


Henan double elephants machinery company is one of famous oil press macnufacturers of China
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