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6LB 200 250 Oil Filter

Product Name! 6LB-350 OIL FILTER
Size! 1980*1105*1560mm
Power! 1.1kw
CAPACITY! 100-200kg/h








Product Name! 6LB-250 OIL FILTER
Power! 0.55kw-0.75kw
CAPACITY! 40-100kg/h







Product Name! 6LB-350 Oil filter
Size! 1340*720*940mm
Power! 0.75-1.1kw
CAPACITY! 100-200kg/h
Product Produce!
Suitable for clearing and filtering the different plant rude-oil,mainly match with 6YL-System oil press .


Henan double elephants machinery company is one of famous oil press macnufacturers of China
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